Quasthoff’s Farewell to the stage

Some time ago Thomas Quasthoff (born November 9, 1959) decided to say farewell to the concert stage.  “After almost 40 years, I have decided to retire from concert life. My health no longer allows me to live up to the high standard that I have always set for my art and myself. I owe a lot to this wonderful profession and leave without a trace of bitterness. On the contrary, I am looking forward to the new challenges that will now enter my life. I would like to thank all my fellow musicians and colleagues, with whom I stood together on stage, all the organizers, and my audience for their loyalty.”

QuasthoffI discovered the voice of Mr Quasthoff when I was looking for a recording of bach’s Kantate nr.82. Since then I have followed his career. I never had the fortune to see him live and this will not happen.

Amazing Story

The story of this German bass-baritone is in itself amazing. Mr Quasthoff was born with tremendous physical limitations after his mother had taken softenon during pregnancy. The physical deformation due to that prescribed drug would leave many helpless. But Mr Quasthoff had a talent and a dream: singing. Thomas Quasthoff was not admitted to musical education because of his physical limitations. So he pushed through and followed private lessons to become one of the most remarkable singers of our days. Without his allegiance to his cause, the world would not have known this remarkable performer.

This is an illustration how we are able to overcome our limitations. We can achieve great things in life. It’s the power of will. There is no excuse for not trying. This also shows how society treats people that are different. We apparently do not believe enough in potential.

He has my greatest respect.

More info on http://www.thomas-quasthoff.com

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Quasthoff and the power of will
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