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I’m in London and I have a heavy cold. I haven’t had a cold like this since 2011. But I’m not whining. It is what it is.

Over the past two days we’ve been talking about Leadership. About Leadership in general and also about our leadership. That’s always interesting. Whatever we learn, it’s always partially about ourselves.

The teaching professor showed us a clip with an interview with Albert “Chainsaw” Dunlap. Here’s another interview with him about CSR.

When the question was asked who would work for him, some people raised their hands. To me he came across as a psychopath. I’m not a trained clinical psychologist but here’s how I think you can spot a psychopathic leader:

  • Low empathy
  • Full of oneself
  • Unable to accept the responsibility for failure
  • Having a perfect logic and explanation, which is not changeable. A strong model of the world.
  • No real emotions, no respect for others
  • Charming, but cold.
  • Lying
  • No deep relationships

About 4% of top leaders seems to be scoring high on the psychopath scale. As a disclaimer I cannot say Alan Dunlap is one. But if you’re interested in knowing more about him, just look up the name.

Ambition or Prudence

An interesting thought was that ambition gets you to the top, but it’s not a predictor of good performance. A better performance predictor seems to be “prudence”: being self-disciplined, responsible, and conscientious. Think about it.





Leaders and Dungeons

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  • 30th January 2015 at 10:11 pm

    I will.
    And, since yesterday, I am having a cold as well … A long distance cold … Mmmm


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