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People attribute you with strength. And if you’re not strong in their perception, you are simply not strong. A leader has to create vision and show confidence. That’s why leaders need to work on how they are perceived. And perception has as much to do with appearance, voice, … as it has with content and vision.

I had the pleasure to follow a one day workshop with Karen Glossop of Resonance on this very topic. I speak a lot in public and I like to speak. But that one day workshop was simply brilliant. Here are some of the tips I got:

  • relaxing the muscles before a speech
  • relaxing the voice
  • concentration on abdominal breathing
  • making a plan for the communication
  • rehearsing the communication with someone who can help you
  • fine-tuning the presentation in function of the audience
  • using your voice, and your mimic
  • projecting the voice towards the audience, showing energy
  • using storytelling more effectively by integrating it at the right moment
  • using emotions
  • knowing how people react to your physical appearance
  • not using powerpoint because it’s distracting
  • making use of the space
  • knowing the small issues you might have when presenting: the voice, the body posture, the body movements and looking for a way to compensate it.

See also her blog on storytelling.

I will surely work on some of these things.




You are as strong as you are perceived to be

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