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bourgeois - be calm
Lousie Bourgeois

The first module of the SEP85 is nearly finished. Only two days are left. Can you remember the first day? We were 31 individuals looking for a way to progress. We were full of hope. And we’ve met a lot of good professors trying to give us new insights. But do you know what? It’s not the brightest that convinced us. It’s the ones who were the best at teaching that convinced us.

And that brings me to the core of many things. It’s not so much what you know that is convincing. What convinces us is how you bring your story. And how you bring your story depends on your capacity to put yourself in the place of those who need to learn. So it’s all about empathy, would you not agree?

The Beta of companies was a discovery to me. It helps me to determine the value of the company. However, the beta does not come alive unless someone convinces me of its importance. Teaching is an art. And not everyone who is a brilliant thinker, is necessarily a brilliant teacher. Let’s not forget this. So be calm when you meet a brilliant thinker. He might not be a brilliant teacher.



The Power of Teaching

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