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We’re a week back. And confronted with reality. So the question is how we can put what we’ve learned into practice. Who’s “we”, would Costas cry. Indeed. It’s only up to us to continue the spirit of Londnon Business School.

So here’s how I am trying:

    1. Storytelling

      I’ve been telling stories. About Nayamed and Medtronics. About cheap shaving (haha). About disruption. About 100 years of living. There’s plenty to tell.

    2. Show that it’s urgent.

      Someone told me that something has changed. My sense of urgency. Yes indeed. What we’ve seen is that there’s no time to waste. Disruption is lurking and every industry will be confronted by it.

    3. Propose and implement.

      I’ve been on a discussion about innovation and I’ve proposed the disruption observatory. We need to look at what is possible and what is threatening us. But we should not assume that nothing will happen.

    4. Ask Questions.

      I am asking questions about value. Whjat’s the value of this or any other decision. What does it bring to us and to our future. What about the cash flow we will generate.

    5. Use Information.

      There’s a lot of information still to be exploited. Information about the next 11, about strategy, about finance. I am browsing through my notes and the books we’ve received to gain a larger input.

    6. Give and ask Feedback.

      I have been asking feedback about what we can do, how I do things. What I want to do is make the learnings of LBS available to the company I work for.

But it’s not easy. Imagine that you could have the spirit of LBS throughout the entire organization? Imagine that the team you’re in would have the same enlightened view? Maybe that’s what we need to strive for. Share the learnings and inspire other people by doing so. Let’s avoid the cold Shower.


How to avoid the cold Shower.

One thought on “How to avoid the cold Shower.

  • 16th February 2015 at 3:11 pm

    Hi David
    Every fire begins with a sparkle, you have already gave lots of inspiration to many people since u came back, trust your staff we are spreading your vision and we are working on it. There will be no cold shower but we hope a new journey of brand new ideas and concepts
    Thanks for the inspiration! (your team of red monkeys)


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