Getting rid of the Myths

Last week I have launched the English version of my book on Sustainable Leadership. I have written this book because over the years I saw an increasing need to recalibrate leadership and to get rid of some of the myths around it.

Leaders bear a large responsibility for the teams, companies, organizations, countries they lead. It has never been as crucial as it is today. But at the same time it has not been as difficult as it is today either.

Leadership has never been as crucial as it is today.

Leading in a VUCA World

We need to look for a leadership that can cope with the challenges of today and tomorrow and that is sustainable. The answer does not only lie in leadership education. It lies in an approach to leadership that is based on what makes us human: it’s about character.

Because character is the only aspect of leadership that can survive in the VUCA world. It’s the only thing that gives us certainty. However, character is undergoing erosive processes that make leaders less empathic, less fair, less kind and less reciprocal than they’d like or need to be. Leaders who do not base their leadership on their character, but rather on position, competencies or power will see their leadership fade. And why is that? Because sustainable leadership is based on trust and to be trusted one needs to show character.

About the Book

My book is an account of how I see sustainable leadership. But it’s more than a personal view. You can find an extensive literature study and has been reviewed by people both in business and academia, in several countries.

The book describes:

  • what sustainable leadership is and why it is important,
  • how to base it on character rather than on any other unsustainable source of leadership,
  • how to protect character from erosion and
  • how to create a sustainable leadership context in which trust thrives, people experience meaningfulness and personal growth and where people can be engaged sustainably.

The book is out in English as hardcover and e-book. You can buy it on Amazon by clicking on the image below:

If you should read it, get back to me and tell me what you think.



Sustainable Leadership Needed.

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